The earlier you begin, the better the experience
The process can start as early as 12 months before your birthday month but no later than 6. There are several stages to the process and starting close to your 64th birthday can minimize the stress of trying to crunch a big decision into a couple months or a few weeks.  One of the most important steps before you start filling out paperwork is to sit down and evaluate whether you &/or your significant other will continue working. The BIG QUESTION is whether your employer coverage will provide you better value than what you have available thru Medicare. This is the first topic we address right out of the gate.  How to really know if Medicare can provide you better value and how do you accurately assess this? AND....what if one of the two of you are younger than Medicare age?  What is available for the younger spouse? Our Medicare Guide, combined with early engagement with one of our Medicare Health Advisors, will guarantee that you have the best assessment and evaluation as you compare your options.